Healing Inherited Emotions

Healing Inherited Emotions

with Sound Healing

Inherited Emotions Explained

An individual may feel they are unable to achieve goals, value themselves or struggle to achieve a healthy, balanced, positive, nurtured life and have no idea why.

Emotions may be inherited from parents, grandparents, great-grandparents or many generations back. When an ancestor has felt stuck, frustrated or powerless due to obligations, expectations or life circumstances an energy distortion may be passed on.

What can you expect?

Balancing this energetic story to the individual’s natural soul tone may also bring a change of behaviour, such as a shift in negative thinking to positive action and a confident, focussed and authentic you.

Who are we healing?

You, by recalibrating the experiences of trauma, disconnection, displacement, fears, self-sabotage and more energetically inherited from your ancestors as limiting behaviour patterns and belief systems linked to challenges in your life now.

Healing inherited emotions may also balance energies for your ancestors and future generations.


Week 1. Connection Session

In this one hour session we discuss your current experience and explore your vision

for your life.

Week 2.  One session connected to your Mother

Week 3.  One session connected to your Father

Week 4 & 5.  Two sessions connected to Maternal ancestors

Week 6 & 7.  Two sessions connected to Paternal ancestors

1 x One hour session

6 x Two hour sessions

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  • Although the method is simple, it is also powerful. Because of this it is contraindicated in certain conditions: if a person has a pacemaker, is pregnant, or is very ill or has cancer.
  • Energy healing, Biofield Tuning, Sound Healing, Holistic Counselling and associated processes should not be relied upon as psychological, medical, health or other professional advice of any kind or nature, they are alternative or complementary methods. All persons are encouraged and should seek advice from a medical practitioner for any diagnosis and treatment.