Balanced Wellbeing through Sound  

Whether working with people in her healing space in Brisbane or by distance overseas, Amanda assists her clients to balance dissonant emotions, behaviour or thought patterns either learnt or energetically inherited from family or society.  When energy is balanced making decisions and creating the life you want is more than a possibility.

Through writing articles for magazines and her own blog Amanda provides insight into relationship dynamics, communication and how energetic barnacles are great teachers, transforming aspects needing to be healed into self-knowledge, acceptance and faith in ones-self.

As a second generation healer Amanda’s life memories and experiences are connected to self-awareness, wellness, intuition, meditation and healing, sharing with you that the healing path is not a job, a passion or a calling it is a way of being.

My work is gentle, compassionate and non-judgemental, with the intention of creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

You are unique.

The purpose of life is for you to discover, develop, create and be who you are without the labels, expectations and limitations of who you‘ve been told you are.

I will assist you, to balance and release emotional charge, revise and balance thought patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you, to assist you to create balance in your life.

Our goal: for you to realise and embrace your true self.

Whether you’re looking for clarity, healing or a complete life overhaul, everything is possible and your sessions are designed to help you reach your next best steps.

 Services flow and accommodate the current circumstances or challenges you face to gain precisely what you need, what resonates with you.

Amanda x

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