Birth Healing Series

Birth Healing Series

These Sound Healing sessions are designed with the intention to balance emotions which may have been energetically inherited from the parents at the time of conception through to birth.

Throughout my healing work it has become increasingly noticeable that life patterns and behaviours seem to be established at the many stages of the birthing process.

For example 

  • a baby that has challenges when feeding later in life may feel unable to communicate their needs, feel unheard or that they won’t have their needs met.
  • a baby that doesn’t emotionally bond with the mother may feel unworthy, unlovable and isolated.
  • a baby that is conceived and born into a high stress, dysfunctional home may struggle with boundaries in areas such as attention seeking, addiction, feeling ungrounded or has difficulty feeling safe.

Week 1. Connection Session

In this one hour session we discuss your current experience and explore your vision

for your life.

Week 2. Conception

Balancing: emotion energetically inherited from either parent or the physical environment in which they lived.

Current manifestation: feeling unwanted, lacking in sense of self, emotionally disconnected, emotionally scattered, feeling pressure to perform, high expectations of self and others.

Possibilities: feeling connected to self, self worth, balanced expectations and life choices.

Week 3. Gestation

Balancing: emotion energetically inherited from either parent regarding their feelings about the pregnancy.

Current manifestation: anxiety, difficulty making decisions, resistance to change, challenges focussing, sadness, grief.

Possibilities: clear decision making, able to adapt in situations, provide for self in balance, confidence.

Week 4. Umbilical Cord/Placenta

Balancing: emotions of over responsiblity

Current manifestation: making anothers challenges your own, easily influenced, quick to take on others opinions

Possibilities: feeling supported, ability to filter, digest truth and disregard what doesn’t serve you, not taking on unbalanced responsibility for others

Week 5. Birth 

Balancing: emotions inherited from the birthing experience.

Current manifestation:  Rushing decisions, staying in situations too long, feeling stuck, lack of confidence, dependant, intimidated by life.

Possibilities: connection to higher self and knowing.

Week 6. First feed/ Bonding

Balancing: emotions or stress surrounding the bonding experience, these include rejection, overwhelm, panic, lack of confidence, 

Current manifestation: challenges with accepting nurturing, feeling unsatisfied with life, emotionally disconnected, feelings of unworthiness, overwhelmed by emotions.

Possibilities: ability to set boundaries and create emotionally healthy relationships, believe your needs will be met.

Individual Sessions

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  • Although the method is simple, it is also powerful. Because of this it is contraindicated in certain conditions: if a person has a pacemaker, is pregnant, or is very ill or has cancer.
  • Energy healing, Biofield Tuning, Sound Healing, Holistic Counselling and associated processes should not be relied upon as psychological, medical, health or other professional advice of any kind or nature, they are alternative or complementary methods. All persons are encouraged and should seek advice from a medical practitioner for any diagnosis and treatment.