Divine Feminine

What Is Divine  Feminine?

The Divine Feminine series is designed with the intention to balance and harmonise emotions from your own personal experiences which are connected to the feminine collective; attitudes or beliefs which may be conscious or unconscious. Everyone on the planet is birthed through a womb, therefore all are birthed through feminine consciousness and inherit energetic signatures; which historically are often of a form of disempowerment. 

Being told not to feel or show anger, smile, put up, shut up; is one example of not expressing your true self or being validated for what you feel which brings resentment and a belief system that to be accepted we need to modify ourselves. Women possess strength, determination, resilience and tenacity along side this they still are advocating for equality, when we change our vibration we assist to change the collective.

When the Feminine and Masculine are in balance neither needs to manipulate or dominate, they are supportive and respective. The Divine Feminine healing is for people of all nationalities, orientation, beliefs, politics and gender identity.

Series 1 Duration: 6 weeks

Series available in person, distant or online.

Divine Feminine Online Series

What's included?

  • 6 Meditations
  • 6 Worksheets
  • 6 Meditation cards

Want To Delve Deeper? You Can Opt For These Extra Features

  • 8 Journalling techniques
  • 3 Healing intention templates

Series available in person, distant or online.


Head & Heart Harmony

When past hurts, pain, betrayals or resentments are recalibrated and released, heart rhythms become more coherent. In turn feelings become more compassionate, assisting shifts in perception, increased intuition and mental clarity.


Balancing emotions or limiting belief systems from life experiences or inherited from family manifesting as resistance (commonly known as self-sabotage) creates the space for you to design and live the life you choose.

Increased Energy

The cells in your body and the energy field around it have positive and negative points just as batteries do, ‘charging’ them with sound healing assists with increased energy, cell rejuvenation and a feeling of being focussed and grounded.


As we know when you are stressed the body is more fatigued and tired, sound healing assists to relax the body and calm the nervous system which may assist with sleep and decrease your vulnerability toward overwhelm, common cold or muscle tension.

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