Dust off your authenticity and create your own success!

Are you aiming for what makes you happy or a vague idea based on society expectations

that seems all too elusive?

The external measures of success, owning a big house, flash car, while having the perfect

job, partner, children and social media photo look shiny on the outside but are not

completely satisfying for everyone.

Following your true path to happiness may look very different to what your reality is at the

moment and may be a little scary. It would mean quitting your job, earning less, moving,

possibly losing friends or them at least thinking you’ve lost it, right?

Nah. Success is a process, you’ve heard it takes years to become an overnight success.

It’s true. Just as life is a journey not a destination, so is success.


Before I had children I owned a business, from the first week I had clients, at 24 I had no

concept that I would fail, I had full faith in myself, gotta love youth!

When the children came I chose to stay at home, when my second child was born I

studied writing, I had two more children and the writing was shelved.

Over the years I studied subjects that interested me, courses that were aligned to my

spirituality and started two more businesses, neither of which did very well.

My ‘failures’ were my biggest successes in terms of life lessons. I had been avoiding and

dismissing my authenticity, the path I knew was mine when I created businesses only to

support the family.


My work doesn’t feel like a job any more, I know I live in harmony with

my inner pursuit, which is simply to balance and harmonize my vibration. I feel successful no

matter how it ‘looks’ to any one else.

Ignoring what is your path, calling, heart pursuit or gig will only last so long before the

universe will intervene with a redundancy, business failure, illness, depression, a complete

feeling of emptiness, a constant need to cry, quite possibly a relationship shake up or a

realisation may also arrive when a major event happens to someone within your circle.

Every experience, job, conversation and thought brings you to a moment which in turn

builds, firstly to an understanding of what You want your path to be,

You shape that path and weave it with each decision, action and idea into a magnificent,

unique, mosaic, wondrous life.

Take the first step, alter the direction if needed, be fallible, be open, embrace the process,

celebrate all the little accomplishments knowing the universe appreciates you shining your


Create your version of success.



*Edited: First published : www.rawpress.com.au 2015

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