face + body treatments

Australian Organic product . Rose quartz crystals . 

Tuning forks . Singing bowls .  

Self love is the Greatest Love of All

Mindful attention

Deep state of relaxation . Tranquil mind . Glowing skin 

SAYA skin care

Ethically sourced Australian Native botanicals make SAYA a beautiful range of safe, non-toxic and highly effective skin care.

World class training in advanced skin treatments allows Amanda to tailor the perfect protocol for your face and body restorative.

                                   Rose Quartz crystals

Promoting self love and acceptance, the rose quartz Gua Sha gently stimulates circulation, assist with lymphatic drainage. 

The luxe rose quartz face mask encourages deeper penetration of the SAYA serum layered under a nurturing and hydrating mask to reduce puffiness with a lifting effect on the skin..

Tuning Forks

Vibration from weighted tuning forks applied to the head, face and body absorbed by the central nervous system assists you to relax deeply so the body can let go stress for the ultimate in rejuvenation.

Singing Bowls

Singing bowls rich in frequencies played on and around the body assist with creating a feeling of harmony as brainwaves shift into deep relaxation. 

Discover the heart of inner beauty,

always treat yourself with kindness”

- Amanda Mackay

Harmonic  face treatment

Holistic wellbeing starts with your Harmonic Face Treatment.

Amanda has created this unique ritual bringing together her

knowledge and experience of exclusive skin therapies

+ sound healing.

You will enjoy the benefits of Australian Native Botanicals in

locally developed (Noosa) skin product Saya interfused

with the healing benefits of sound therapy and healing crystals.

A Rose quartz mask finishes this deeply relaxing + rejuvenating ritual.
Your skin is drenched in organic botanical based Noosa skincare, Saya, to calm, brighten + smooth.
Tuning forks gently relax facial muscles while promoting circulation + cell renewal.
Singing bowls are played for full body rest + ease

Nourishing, hydration mist, anti-ageing serums + oils are included

(there are no extra costs for 'add ons').

Harmonic  face + body treatment

The ultimate in self Love, the

Harmonic face + body treatment

will leave you feeling deeply calm and restored.


In addition to the face treatment you will enjoy the benefits of a tuning fork and singing bowl massage, the vibrations absorbed by the body, gently ease stress and tension from the muscles for improved circulation & lymph flow.


As with all sound therapy, brain waves are balanced for  relaxation, with the intention to restore the normal vibrational frequencies of the cells in our bodies. 


Please wear loose, relaxed clothing : 

singing bowls and tuning forks are placed over attire.

What Others Say


After just one treatment, my once irritated blemishes have calmed remarkably and my skin feels much more balanced and clear.




I’ve been seeing Amanda for sound healing sessions over the last couple of months now and the difference that they have made are immeasurable. I feel more connected to who I truly am, my confidence is bursting and my family continually remark on how good it is to see me happy again.

Yesterday I engaged in a Harmonic Face Treatment with Amanda which was such bliss and as she has extensive experience as a beauty therapist, the combination of the tuning fork during my massage, not only entirely relaxed my jaw (a tight trouble area for me), I could feel my skin responding deeply to the treatment. I’ve long utilised crystals when I mediate and yesterday Amanda incorporated a full rose quartz crystal face mask to finish my facial treatment.

My skin is glowing today and I’m sure I slept so deeply last night because of the treatment (no teeth grinding!). Thank you Amanda for your knowledge and caring and for all the help and support you’ve given me.

I highly recommend a Harmonic Face Treatment  to anyone looking to not only improve their skin but to unblock stagnant and tight areas of the neck and jaw and to extend their healing experience. 

Thank you for everything.

Michelle Stook

/ Paddington

More than a treatment

The cells in your body have positive and negative points just as batteries do, ‘charging’ them with sound healing assists with increased energy, cell rejuvenation and a feeling of being focussed and grounded.

Amanda Mackay

Our words, actions and contribution are our global heart print - 

 our legacy.

Bringing together a lifetime of skills and experiences to explore sound therapy, skin solutions, artistry and kindness advocacy is a beautiful 

balance I am happy to share!

Sessions available at Soul Space, Newmarket + Harmonic Space, Jindalee

Listen to the

in kindness always


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