Healing Inherited Emotions

What Are Inherited Emotions?

An individual may feel they are unable to achieve goals, value themselves or struggle to achieve a healthy, balanced, positive, nurtured life and have no idea why. Emotions may be inherited from parents, grandparents, great-grandparents or many generations back. When an ancestor has felt stuck, frustrated or powerless due to obligations, expectations or life circumstances an energy distortion may be passed on.

What Can You Expect?

Balancing this energetic story to the individual’s natural soul tone may also bring a change of behaviour, such as a shift in negative thinking to positive action and a confident, focused and authentic you.

Who Are We Healing?

You, by recalibrating the experiences of trauma, disconnection, displacement, fears, self-sabotage and more energetically inherited from your ancestors as limiting behaviour patterns and belief systems linked to challenges in your life now.

Healing inherited emotions may also balance energies for your ancestors and for future generations.

Series Duration: 6 weeks

As with all sound sessions you will relax on the treatment table surrounded by soft lighting with air conditioning or heater depending on the season.

Are there options to connect for sesssions? 

Biofield Tuning Brisbane or via phone in Australia or overseas

Sound Healing Brisbane or via phone in Australia or overseas

”My sound healing sessions with Amanda have been so valuable. They have transformed my life by bringing more balance, harmony and connection. Amanda provides a safe and nurturing space for healing to happen. I am so appreciative of Amanda and the wonderful work that she does. I highly recommend sound healing with Amanda. The whole process has truly enhanced my life!" 

Laura, Camp Hill QLD


Head & Heart Harmony

When past hurts, pain, betrayals or resentments are recalibrated and released, heart rhythms become more coherent. In turn feelings become more compassionate, assisting shifts in perception, increased intuition and mental clarity.


The cells in your body and the energy field around it have positive and negative points just as batteries do, ‘charging’ them with sound healing assists with increased energy, cell rejuvenation and a feeling of being focussed and grounded.


As we know when you are stressed the body is more fatigued and tired, sound healing assists to relax the body and calm the nervous system which may assist with sleep and decrease your vulnerability toward overwhelm, common cold or muscle tension.

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