Heart Coherence – online group

An increased sense of Heart Coherence in your relationships with yourself and others may assist you in feeling connected and supported as we collectively navigate a world filled with separation, prejudice, illness and uncertainty.

The Heart Coherence online group has been created with the intention to assist you still the mind and release long held inherited beliefs or life patterns that are inhibiting you from living a balanced life.

A deeper connection may allow you to feel the freedom to live a life of intuitive action rather than one of self-doubt, fear of failure or self-sabotage by being committed to exploring opportunities for self and global benefit.

Reduce stress : Stay balanced

Heart coherence may improve resilience in stressful experiences, stress related body pain, sleep quality and general wellbeing by changing incoherent emotions such as anger, frustration, disempowerment or anxiety to generating life affirming coherent emotions such as appreciation, gratitude, compassion or love. 

Scientifically, how does Heart Coherence Work?

Your heart signals "incoherence" to the brain which triggers a stress response, perception becomes unclear and old emotional issues can start coming to the surface. 

With positive emotions, like appreciation, gratitude, compassion or love, your heart rhythm becomes harmonious and coherent, syncing with the emotional balance you feel. The heart then sends coherent signals to the brain which comes into balance with the heart's coherent rhythm. Once you learn how to shift your emotional state,  your heart coherence in turn helps to calm your mind.

Positive hormonal releases are triggered so experiencing deeper meditation, peace and positive feelings with Heart Coherence becomes easier over time with more practice.

Monday evenings

12th July - 13th September

6pm - 7.30pm

10 weeks

$277 prepaid or $35/week

  • 9o mins each week via zoom
  • exploration + sound healing
  • emotions exploration chart
  • journal guide - includes intention templates
  • 20% discount on all audio sessions
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