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Our planet, the human race and everyone individually has been challenged in a way none of us have experienced previously.

The Clarity & Prosperity groups allow you to experience focussed sound healing + meditation delivered with easy access and affordability.



* 3 x Sound healings/Meditations

(Audio sessions)

* Unlimited listening

* Link valid 12 months

* Connect through Soundcloud

(free sign up for Soundcloud)



* 8 weeks

* 90 mins/week

* Live online

* 8 participants max

* Group discussion

2021 dates coming soon


Activate your Potential by Transforming your Frequency

"Participating in Amanda's heart coherence group was a wonderful experience. It was a gentle and insightful process of guided visualisations, meditations and discussion, which helped to bring a deeper connection and awareness into my heart space. Amanda's energy is always warm and friendly, so working with Amanda is always a pleasure." 

Laura Money Coach

For me personally, the program allowed me to be ‘me’, in a supportive and cohesive environment.  And gave me the opportunity to once again work with you – an experience that will continue to change me in becoming a truer version of myself.

 To anyone who needs a beautiful soul to be a part of your soul’s journey, whether it be through meditation or sound healing, I highly recommend Amanda. You will be lovingly nurtured and guided in the process.

Etta - Heart Coherence Circle

Making a sacred time each week to connect with the Heart Coherence Circle was highly valuable to me. At a challenging time when you need all the love and support you can find, this circle was a safe space to share, connect, empower and renew each week. Amanda's energy and warmth resonates even in a remote setting, giving you guidance, support and healing through each session. I loved being a part of this circle. Thank you Amanda for this opportunity.

Bindi CEO & Founder, Ethical Change Agency.

I really enjoyed the Heart Coherence meditation series. Between Amanda's relaxing tones, the content of the spoken meditation and use of sound healing, I came out of the meditations lighter, my muscles were noticeably more relaxed and I found it easier to sleep following each session. 

Sam Seghers

- Yoga Instructor


Amanda conducted beautiful meditations, she is gentle and

takes you gently in a deep state of consciousness.

I felt connected, relaxed and in peace after each one of them.

Rossana Sotos - Brisbane.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be listening to?

Each audio session is a recorded Sound Healing or Guided Meditation.

What can I expect?

The intention of these recordings is to relax and reset the nervous system.

Will I feel anything?

The most common comment is the receiver feels the body is 'lighter' after the experience with a renewed sense of wellbeing.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a FREE to join audio platform where you can listen to music. 

How often can I listen on SoundCloud?

You have unlimited access to the audio sessions for the month.

How long is my membership?

This is completely up to you, you can opt in or out as often as you need.

What are the session topics? 

Each month is different, you will be notified of upcoming themes so you can choose what you would like to connect with.

How do I prepare?

Drinking water before listening is recommended.

Lie down or sit in a comfortable position.

You will gain more in a quiet environment without distractions.

Do not listen when driving!

Do I have to participate in 8 weeks of the Prosperity Group?

You can choose to participate in either 4weeks or 8weeks.

What do I share in the group discussion?

This is entirely your choice and is not compulsory.

Do I need to be online for the full 90 mins of the group session?

You can leave the session at anytime you want or need to.

How are the Prosperity group sessions different to the Clarity sessions?

  • The sessions are live in the Prosperity group.
  • You are connected with Amanda during the session.
  • Past participants have expressed that their insights increase within the group discussion.
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