Foot Bath Ritual

As you’ve heard me say, soaking your feet after a Biofield Tuning or Sound session is important to assist in releasing the emotions from the body.This is true after a challenging day or week and as the winds pick up in August very nurturing for dry feet. Here’s some ideas on creating a healing foot soak… …

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Global Heart Print, what is it and how to transform it?

Every interaction adds to our personal and collective experience. The purpose of these interactions is to experience ourselves. To be aware of thoughts feelings, fears, judgements, assumptions, historic and current human consciousness gives us the opportunity for choice.  Humans hold on to these things in the belief they are necessary to survive when in fact …

Global Heart Print, what is it and how to transform it? Listen To Podcast


YOUR GLOBAL HEART PRINT Healing is continual; the daily choice to be aware of negative belief systems, thought patterns, perceptions, boundaries and relationship communications. Through the power of choice, you are transforming into the magnificent you. All that is needed is a small shift in thinking to make a big impact. In every interaction be …

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To consciously choose to illuminate a limiting response, reaction, thought, behaviour, action, opinion or comment is an opportunity to dissolve negative thoughts, raise your vibration, grow spiritually, enliven your soul, create Heart Coherence and maximise your Global Heart Print.

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