Money Circle 

with Amanda Mackay

It's time to let go limiting beliefs about abundance!

Change your money story, limiting beliefs & patterns.

Create & live

Abundance + Prosperity!

In this Money circle I will guide you as you  explore unconscious beliefs &

the stories you heard during childhood that have

 influenced or hindered 

your prosperity & abundance.

Using sound, the emotions attached to money memories have the opportunity to dissipate while bringing into your consciousness 

Universal Love + Abundance.

With understanding,

clear perception

& awareness

you have the ability to

transform your life.

Your Purpose

is to be you


express that in may glorious ways.

Laura M - Camp Hill

"I love working with Amanda!

Amanda has helped me to work on my challenging beliefs around money. She has helped me to heal and delete my subconscious identification with scarcity and has activated the energy of appreciation and abundance. This has allowed me to feel more trusting and relaxed about my personal and business finances."

Join the Money Circle

Wednesday January 27th 2021

6pm - 8.30pm


Soul Space 

23 Parker Street, Newmarket

Date to be confirmed


Sound is the carrier wave of intention...

Stop believing someone else's limiting belief systems...... choose you   |   instagram   |

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