Mum’s Emotional Refrain was her Greatest Gift…

…a reflection… with love, understanding and forgiveness…

Mother’s Day is a bombardment of commercials to remind us to celebrate moments of connection, unconditional love from our Mums but mostly to buy cheesy presents.

I didn’t feel a lot of love from my mother however, there are instances that I recall when she protected me like a lioness. Consistently I asked my Dad “Why doesn’t she like me?’ He only answered me after Mum died. After adopting out her first baby it was too painful to open her heart.

What an ah-ha moment that was.

That day in 2007, brought reflection, appreciation, healing, forgiveness and as it turns out my mother’s emotional refrain has led me to discovering and exploring purpose.

Appreciation insights – for more tune into the podcast.

Uncovering the extraordinary transformation that occurs when healing the ‘Birth Experience’ has been life changing. You see I gestated in a womb completely saturated in sadness, guilt, grief and loss.

I have made decisions, taken action, treated myself and others in ways that I knew felt incongruent to my nature. Now I know why, not only have I forgiven my mother and her first born (the revelation of that anger was a surprise!) and I have forgiven myself.

Why did I need to forgive me?

I was always hard on myself for not being a ‘better’ person.

With an understanding of inherited emotion: no-one’s to blame, the universe in it’s wisdom knowing my inner strength gave me the experience to heal . Now I share the amazingness of ‘Healing the Birth Experience’ with others.

I am grateful
I am humble
I am forgiving
I am loving
I am loved
I am blessed
to be her daughter .

Start your forgiveness journey with this guided meditation.

First Published 5/11/2018

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