Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

These Sound Healing sessions are designed with the intention to balance emotions which may be attributing to PTSD as a result of experiencing personal (or witnessing) trauma, accident, assault, divorce, injury, shock, warfare, childhood trauma, fear of personal safety, environmental disaster (eg: flood, earthquake).


Week 1. Connection Session

In this one hour session we discuss your current experience and explore your vision

for your life.

Week 2 & 3. Reduce over active Brain

Balancing: Overwhelm, over active brain, inability to function in social situations, feelings of stress and anxiety, constant inner state of flight, fight or freeze.

Current manifestation:  emotional out bursts, avoiding social situations, recurring dreams or memories resulting in heart palpitations or sweating, irritability, emotionally detached.

Possibilities:  increased focus, reducing ‘noise’ in the brain, creating energy to process emotions.

Week 4 & 5 Adrenal Fatigue

Balancing: Adrenal Fatigue, overall lack of energy or enthusiasm for life.

Current manifestation: feeling powerless, repressing anger and other emotions,using stimulants or comfort consumption: alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, excess food, sugar, workaholic, excessive exercise or tv watching.

Possibilities: self-confidence, goal setting, feeling supported, overall energy increased, accepting assistance and emotional support, relaxation, focus.

Week 6. Grief

Balancing: repressed and suppressed feelings of grief and sadness, emotional heart pain.

Current manifestation: feeling sad, lost, alone, unloved, unsupported, avoidance of processing emotions; rejecting love, affection, friendship, staying busy to avoid feeling.

Possibilities: genuine connection with others, emotional pain relief, trust, openness, ability to give and receive love, balance the burden of trauma.

Week 7. Connection

Balancing: limiting belief systems, thought patterns or behaviours – self imposed or by family/society, lack of confidence, low energy, suppressed reaction to trauma, anxiety, unable to engage in balanced healthy relationships due to feeling constantly agitated, distressed or under attack, lack of faith

Current manifestation: overwhelmed by life, feeling too busy, emotional disconnection, destructive thoughts, difficulty with concentration, loss of personal identity, difficulty sleeping.

Possibilities: balancing nervous system, liberation from limiting habits, open to possibilities, faith in self, feeling connected to self, others, Earth and the Universe, feeling safe in the world, able to manage daily activities. 

1 x One hour session

6 x Two hour sessions

Tailored Meditation

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  • Although the Biofield Tuning method is simple, it is also powerful. Because of this it is contraindicated in certain conditions: if a person has a pacemaker, is pregnant, or is very ill or has cancer.
  • Energy healing, Biofield Tuning, Sound Healing, Holistic Counselling and associated processes should not be relied upon as psychological, medical, health or other professional advice of any kind or nature, they are alternative or complementary methods. All persons are encouraged and should seek advice from a medical practitioner for any diagnosis and treatment.