Birth Healing Series – Online course

This online course is designed with the intention to

balance emotions which may have been energetically

inherited from the parents at the time of conception

through to birth. This is yours forever so you can

revisit the lessons any time you feel you want to

explore deeper healing. View course

You’ll receive:

5 recorded Sound Healings

6 instructional tutorials

2 ebooks

5 downloadable worksheets

Intention templates

Bonus meditation

+ more

Start your healing

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Have you considered where your deepest resistances, insecurities

or fears come from?

Throughout my healing work it has become increasingly noticeable

that life patterns and behaviours seem to be established through

the many stages of the birthing process.


The pattern of not being able to finish a project or reach goal a goal

may in fact be the energetic ‘pattern’ from an assisted birth such as

forceps or cesarean.

Challenges with feeding may imprint as not feeling you can have your

needs met and therefore unable to express them as you would like.

If a parent was under a lot of relationship stress that energy may be

absorbed by the baby manifesting as anxiety or overwhelm as they

grow and develop.


These inherited emotions are able to be balanced so that you may

create a life you can live with joy from your Soul Song.







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