third eye activation + heart connection


In this two part series you are invited to explore the possibilities of connecting an open heart and activated pineal gland.

When our hearts are more open, high vibration emotions can flow to the third eye – our feelings and ability to make clear conscious decisions that benefit our lives are more possible than when we are stuck in the loop of past events and low vibration emotions.

  • 8am Saturday 22nd + 29th May 2021
  • Connect via Zoom

Grounding + Connecting 

Your body, like a battery has positive (above the head) and negative (below the feet) poles. In this world of disconnection through easy distraction it is important to be aware of the need for regular grounding + connecting.  At the beginning of each 40 min session we will have the intention to clear, balance and connect your Sun Star (above the head) and Earth Star (below the feet) energy centres.


Third Eye Activation

Fundamentally, the key to third eye activation is trust, traditionally this energy centre is known as inner sight, perception and knowing. Our intention is to fully open to these possibilities, to trust the insights and trust you are receiving them with clear perception.


Heart Awareness

Harmonising your heart through easing, balancing and releasing resistant emotions attached to memories. Our intention is to connect this clear energy to your third eye in order to bring the rhythm of your life into order.

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