Tattoo Readings

Is there a deeper meaning and how does it impact your body's vibrations?

Amanda Mackay is Australia's highest profile Tattoo reader

What Happens During Your Session?

During a tattoo reading Amanda uses insightful and impressively accurate level of intuition to connect with your energy and feelings at the time of being 'inked' giving you insight into the meaning of your life patterns, experiences and challenges. 

These insights may assist you to unlock feelings to help you grow, leaving behind past hurts, betrayals, rejection, injustices or self-sabotage to manifest and create the life you want.

Do you want more from the reading?

Simply choose the option of Sound Healing when booking your session. You may also like to purchase a recorded sound healing and intention template to further clear emotions manifesting as resistance to your life foals and dreams. Amanda will guide you through this process in your Skype session. ...

Available in person, distant or online.

Customer Testimonial

I had already been receiving sound healing from Amanda for a number of reasons when I learnt that she could also read tattoos and heal the energy and feelings I had held onto from the times I had been inked.

As I have a large number of tattoos, I asked her to look at each one and in every instance of reading every single one, she was spot on with what she had picked up. It made me realise I had been holding on to sadness, resentment and anger that no longer served me. We worked through clearing some specific tattoos that were holding me back in certain areas of my life. The moment she did this I experienced a release, a lighter way of being and found I no longer felt or reacted the same way towards the things she had helped me to heal. I was free of what was holding me back. Thank you so much Amanda!

If you have tattoos and if you’re even a little bit curious about having a reading - do it - you won’t regret it!

B.H | Brisbane, Australia


Head & Heart Harmony

When past hurts, pain, betrayals or resentments are recalibrated and released, heart rhythms become more coherent. In turn feelings become more compassionate, assisting shifts in perception, increased intuition and mental clarity.


Balancing emotions or limiting belief systems from life experiences or inherited from family manifesting as resistance (commonly known as self-sabotage) creates the space for you to design and live the life you choose.

Increased Energy

The cells in your body and the energy field around it have positive and negative points just as batteries do, ‘charging’ them with sound healing assists with increased energy, cell rejuvenation and a feeling of being focussed and grounded.


As we know when you are stressed the body is more fatigued and tired, sound healing assists to relax the body and calm the nervous system which may assist with sleep and decrease your vulnerability toward overwhelm, common cold or muscle tension.

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