Voice + Drum


Voice + Drum

A combination of energy healing, drumming and voice.

Clients liken the experience to a 

shamanistic ceremonial ritual prayer

creating space for a transformational journey to

healing deep, long held emotional wounds.


 How do you know you have inherited emotions?

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FREE SHAMANIC courses available on The Shift Network

Sandra has been teaching shamanic journeying to seekers and practitioners for more than 30 years. Learning this powerful practice helps you gain greater clarity and insight into any number of life challenges, from medical issues to difficult family dynamics to imbalanced relationships –– even business and work struggles.

Shamanic teacher and healer Jane Burns will help you discover myth and ritual to evoke the ancient medicine of Celtic shamanism —and open you to the wonder, wisdom, and wildness of both the natural world and your own inner landscape. 

Don Oscar Miro-Quesada is a lineage holder who straddles ancient shamanic pathways, modern psychology, and a global worldview. Through teachings, ritual, and stories, he will support you in expanding your consciousness to allow a heartfelt communion and loving exchange with all of life!

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