What energy ‘stuff’ did you inherit?

What energy ‘stuff’ did I inherit? Are you joking? You mean my family passed on their unhealed issues via energy???

Yep not only did you inherit your Grandma’s skin tone, Great Uncle Eber’s ears and your Mum’s nose they also passed on the old family fears, vulnerabilities, wariness and sadness, just to name a few.

How does this happen?

Imagine a baby in a womb, the mother is sick, fearful because she’s already lost a baby, her husband isn’t the man she’d hoped he’d be, she’s fretting with the memory of coming from a poor family that never had enough and she’s living far from her childhood area, there’s a lot of emotion floating around, anxiety, fear, grief and loneliness.

The father, overwhelmed with responsibility for an impending family he doesn’t want, feels trapped and resentful, his father’s words echoing, ‘you’re nothing, a no-hoper’, this young man feels entitled to bury these feelings of deficiency any way he pleases, indulging, ignoring, becoming absent, an easier option than dealing with an overly emotional wife, he thinks.

This environment the baby is developing in is highly emotional, the feelings of insecurity, melancholy, doubt and despair are now being passed on. This child may grow and go on to be a business owner gaining some success but never quite obtaining their dream. Something undefinable is holding them back, the business has a lot of potential, the customer service is good and yet expansion is just out of reach. Along the way there’s a broken relationship, an inability to communicate feelings, resentment of having to do all the work, dependancy issues and a great big feeling of failure.

The parents’ feelings, the emotional climate, unspoken and unresolved pain (etc) can be found within the client’s biofield, which you may have heard referred to as the aura. When I work with Biofield Tuning the birth experience may be found five feet away from the client’s body, preconception, the parent’s relationship and I have noticed the pain of the parent’s own childhood is beyond, maybe five and a half or six feet out.

How do I know I have inherited emotions? Listen to this podcast episode for more insight.

Recalibrating the energy from these emotionally charged experiences sitting in the biofield with sound waves from tuning forks to a balanced state allows the client to heal family wounds as well as their own. Patterns that have been occurring through the generations such as powerlessness, poverty consciousness, stuckness, escapism, denial and emotional numbness no longer need to be the ‘go to’ emotions when the client is faced with challenges.

I have noted that when people, through the healing experience are aware of the connectedness of energy that is passed on or in recurring in life situations and the immediate impact it is currently having in their current lives there is a shift in consciousness, a sense of self- awareness, a keenness to observe themselves in ways that had not previously been part of their understanding.

This is where self-healing begins, the most powerful, liberating and exciting healing of all, the I AM ENOUGH, for healing means ‘whole-ing, becoming aware of who you are, not the projections, labels, expectations or the inherited energies and truly living who you are.

First Published 7/9/17

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